Bluebeard, a story of a secretive and violent nobleman and his wife  Giuditta - a young, pretty and curious woman.

Bluebeard was a powerful and rich man, who had many wives over the years, all of which suddenly disappeared. He was always travelling and nobody ever knew where he was and why he was never around.
One day, when Bluebeard was about to leave, gave the keys of the villa to Giuditta, saying: “These are the keys, you can go wherever you want in the house, you can open any door but do not open for any reason the room underground!”... and then he left.
Giuditta kept thinking about her husband words, and she was dumbfounded thinking about the reason why he didn't want her to go in there.
Despite her husband's plea, her curiosity got the better of her and she decided to go and find some answers. While her friends were busy chatting in the livingroom she silently left and went downstairs.
She opened the door and what she saw bemused her.
There were dolls everywhere, they were hanging from the ceiling and from the shelves. Giuditta was so intrigued that she walked into the room to have a closer look, when one of them suddenly fell down and broke on the floor. Upon crashing on the floor, something unexpected spilled out. Diamonds. She finally understood where Bluebeard's wealth was coming from. Her husband was a diamond smuggler.
As soon as Giuditta saw them she understood that she was in trouble. She knew Bluebeard would have chosen the secrecy of his trade over the love of his wife. Giuditta ran upstairs to tell her friends, but they had already left and the house was completely empty. Giuditta was panicking and fearful, so decided to call her brothers asking help, when her husband came back home ... 
Her terror was clear to see and unfortunately Bluebeard knew exactly what she was hiding. He knew her too well, so he asked: 
"Could you give me the keys my dear?" - Giuditta gave nothing but a shudder;
"What have you done this afternoon my darling?" - When she began to stutter gave him the proof he needed.
He was so infuriated that wanted to kill her, as he did to his previous nosy wives. 
Giuditta's brothers came just in time to catch their brother in-law beating up their little sister. What followed was a long and violent fight which ended with the devious smuggler being killed.
Giuditta felt mixed emotions. She had once loved her husband but now she knew that she would no longer be trapped by his controlling demeanour. She would be free.
She may no longer have the glorious benefits of wealth that came from a marriage to such a man, but at least she now knew where all that money came from. Therefore, she decided to donate most of his possessions keeping only what had an emotional value.
Since then, Giuditta always lived free and happy.
[As creative writing exercise I have reinvented the end of Bluebeard story, in order to target it to a younger audience]


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