I am a creative designer with a passion for meaningful projects designed with purpose, to inspire changes and to promote healthy behaviours. With a background in painting and illustration, I am now graduated in Graphic Branding and Identity at the University of the Arts London.
The shift from illustration to design was brought by my interest in the psychological aspects that are involved in design and advertising, fascinated by the powerfulness with which they can engage with the audience on their emotional level, shaping their perceptions and nourishing their beliefs.
My experience in children’s book illustrations taught me the importance of storytelling and to let the meaning come through the design whatever shape it takes, an illustration, a painting, branding or a packaging... and that's what I remind myself every time I start a new project. All my work is concept-driven, and this is a passion I brought from my painting and illustration background. I enjoy designing meaningful things, thinking of every element as an integral part of the concept, trying to stay away from clichés and keeping my self always open to experimentation. I love to see the beauty in the least obvious and I am fascinated by the composition of things and the way they harmoniously sit one next to the other through their tonalities, shapes and their meanings. ​​​​​​​
Particularly passionate about meaningful design and firmly believing in the power of design in making the world a better place. I am keen on investing my time and skills into topics that still need to be talked about, enjoying to relish the challenge of transforming them into something everyone feels worth talking.​​​​​​​
Always open to new challenges, collaborations or just for a chat!
You can contact me at valentina.demarchi@outlook.com