Because having bright clothing does not mean having a bright soul ...

Once upon a time there was a king who had a daughter admired by all for his beauty and goodness. Many came to offer her jewellery  precious fabrics, kola nuts, hoping to have her as a bride. But the young woman could not decide. 
- To whom will you grant me? he asked his father. - I do not know - said the father - I let you choose: I'm sure you, judicious as you are, will make the best choice.
"Let's do it," said the young woman. "You let them know that I was bitten by a poisonous snake and died. Members of the royal family will mourn. They will play the tam-toms of the funeral and begin the funeral dances. We'll see what it happens."
The king was surprised and a little reluctantly, but he accepted. 
The sad news spread like lightning. In the villages there was a great deal of subdued talk, gunshots fired as a sign of pain, while the elderly women, at the door of the mortuary, opened their sad melopea. And here, the pretenders of the princess came.
They introduced themselves to the king and demanded the return of the donated goods. "Because your daughter is dead, give me back my jewels, precious fabrics, kola nuts." The king satisfied everyone, sickened by such behaviour. He understood then how much his daughter was prudent. Finally, a young man appeared and differently from the others, he looked poor by the worn-out clothes he was wearing.
With tears in his eyes he said: - O king, I have heard the painful news and I do not know how to resign myself. I brought these fabrics for her, as I secretly loved despite not considering myself worthy. As I want her to be the most beautiful in the grave, put these kola nuts next to her, so to give her the strength for the journey.
The king was moved to the bottom of his heart. He introduced himself to the crowd, silenced every clamor and announced with a loud voice: 
- I give you great news: my daughter is not dead. She wanted to test the love of his suitors. Now I know who really and deeply loves my daughter. It is this young man! He is poor but sincere.
After some time the wedding was celebrated with the most beautiful party ever seen in human memory.
The old suitors were not there and they did not show again.


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