We all know how fast-fashion is a difficult topic to tackle as cheap and quantity are often attractive, especially when we are constantly surrounded by those shops and advertisements showing us what we could buy next. As a response to this complicated matter, I tried to focus my project on finding a way to give people alternatives, which could make them see the worth of what they already possess, aiming to change their mindset and reducing avoidable waste.
The choice of using a font with irregular letters came because I wanted to give the feeling of crafting, highlighting Virtuousycle main mission. The irregular shapes make Virtuousycle logo like designed with fabric cut-out.
A campaign that will spread within the city, from Shoreditch to Oxford Street will show up quite loudly with its cheeky reminders The idea is to build a community based on the value of caring, promoting the emotional worth of old clothing through workshops and the Virtuousycle app designed to give alternatives to buy unnecessary new clothing.
A guerrilla campaign will act in areas where clothing shops are sited as well as inside them, so to remember people to think twice before buying new clothing. I want people to switch their need of buying into the desire of keeping tight their olds.
Believing in the power of education and in the strength of the community coming together, I have thought to organise workshops where people can learn the art of mending while reconnecting to each other and those old craft that seems to become less common nowadays.


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